TaiChi Chuan


TaiChi- Chuan system, appeared in around 2600 B.C. at the time of the legendary Yellow Emperor. In fact there are very little sources about this subject. Because at the beginning the system was transferred literally between the generations that means, it was reserved within the family. This way, some small details were being thought confidentially.

According to a legend, some old man witnessed the war of a bird and a helpless snake. The snake getting rid of the strong strikes of the bird with its soft strikes protected itself from the bird’s strong beak and nails and defeated it in the end. By starting to look from this point, it is obviously seen that there are many things to be learned from the nature. Such as the water makes holes in rocks, the leaves fight against the wind etc… As a conclusion it is realized that the soft moves are over the hard moves.

TaiChi-Chuan can be used both for your health and protection. However, the training style may differ. In both ways the common training is the breathing techniques. Right method of breathing makes the treatment of the disease and it also prevents the repetition of many diseases.

In those trainings, which are tended for protection, breathing methods and attacking with defense, that is various kinds of strikes and blocks are trained.

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