Biser Marinov Stoyanov

Biser Marinov Syoyanov was born in Silistra City of Bulgaria in 1971. He founded the Bulgarian and Russian Whusu Federation. He started with his education on fighting arts in 1977. In a long period the Vietnam Fighting masters Bin Fan, Hua Hvan and Fam Zui Zui at school of VO VIETNAM ASSOCATION KIM LIEN HOA FAY trained him.

He was longing for more education, so he traveled a lot. His search ended in Thailand at Buddha Monastery. He has been a student of Grand Big Master Lao Vongvilay at the monastery. During the eight intense educational years he has learned the traditional system Siak Lak Hang of Kung-Fu that solely belongs to this Monastery.

Later on he worked on other inner styles such as Tai Chi-Chuan, Shaolin Boksu, China Na, Ney Dza, and he obtained many successes at international tournaments at many places such as Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Thailand, Bank Kong.

He continued with his successes at international tournaments and became the European Champion for 3 years, Bulgarian Champion for 5 years, and The Balkan Champion for 5 years.

He has been all around the world and has given education to many people. His present stop now is Turkey.

He continues his trainings at Istanbul Acarkent Coliseum. He instructs yoga lessons and applies regular treatment therapies with acupuncture and massage in addition to Kung-Fu trainings. Among his students there are also such who need special training in young and old ages as well.

I thank you for your kind interest and wish you success in your work.

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