Siak Lak Hang

This is a fighting system which is thought only at Buddha Monastery. It takes long years to learn this system. Therefore, the student should have a strong structure, a strong will and a limitless willingness to learn. Siak Lak Hang as its word meaning means “the long tail of the tiger” The system relies on the animal moves as a principle. The system was raised after observing and examining many animals for long years during they hunt, how they protect themselves against hunters and how they survive in nature for long years.

It includes cat, tiger, panther, snake, crane bird, bear and monkey styles it itself. If we consider about the diversity in nature, and as one species covers different kinds of animals, the system has different styles, which are named with the same name. It is very difficult to learn. Because in other systems the techniques which include fists and closed hands are more. The techniques which are made by fingers are very rare or there are no techniques with fingers. In Siak Lak hang, the moves of the animals which they make with claws are applied with human hands. Starting from the point of view that “If the person’s fingers are strong the body is also strong”, there are many balance moves and physical culture moves to be trained. In the balance moves, very long terms must be able to be performed.

Along with this, the posture and walking styles of the animals are also trained. For this purpose; the body f the student must be flexible and s/he must be strong against hard physical and spiritual conditions. The flexibility can be gained by training. The difficult par is that, depending on the age when started, there must pass time for to regain the forms of the muscle and tissue structure of the body. The physical strength can be gained by regular and long tern repetitions. The difficult point is to supply the nourishment need of the body for food and sleep and to supply the body to get to its new adjustment. The main difficulty is that if the person may provide the peace with himself. The students must not become low-spirited from those harmful attitudes round, and must not loose his control in those moves which supply happiness and pleasure emotionally.

Learning a fighting system depends on the person. Let’s assume that we match each technique with one word and we teach that to people as a language. Many people may understand each other by using meaningful and proper sentences. But some people do not care about the words they use while making the sentences. They talk but what they say may never have a meaning. They can neither express their selves nor understand the other people. Therefore, in a fighting system it is not important how many techniques you know. The important point is to perceive a technique, and to use it at fastest or slowest manners in every kind of environment. Learning a system means to be just like that animal, hunting like that animal, sleeping like that animal and the most important of all living like that animal. Therefore, those parts of the trainings; which are spent in nature are extremely important. Because that is only when the style accepts you and the techniques are started to be performed properly.

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