Human force is another significant factor which contributes to the development of the society. Those who will contribute to the development are required to be healthy. Those societies who observe a healthy child as a security for future show great attention to children at all fields.

Health means the well being of the body with respect to physical, spiritual and social conditions.

Correct and balanced nutrition is required for growth and development of the body, for the innovation of the tissues and for energy supply; in short, correct and balanced nutrition is required for health and the survival of living. Health is formed up of three fundamentals such as physical, spiritual and social. A balance can be obtained when these three fundamentals are found together.

The developing science and technology and the overcrowded cities have pushed the current human beings into loneliness. Therefore, spiritual health became important. Happiness and the comfort of the society depend on the healthy being and the happiness of those individuals who form up the society.

In Turkey there many sport centers which provide services tended for Fareast Fighting Arts. When we look at the educational systems of these saloons Kung-Fu is very common. However, the standard of the educational system is not very clear. For example there are many Kick Box courses provided under the name Kung Fu, and there are even such saloons where students already compete at first lessons.

As a consequence, the student stops to take the courses as s/he is not yet ready for such an activity. Besides; at some saloons even the teachers are not equipped with sufficient technical information, they add new techniques to the system so it is never clear by which system they provide the education. Along with this, they claim that there are such techniques where only kicks and fists are required but it is unacceptable by this style or by other cases, techniques that in reality combined so would not belong to Kung Fu.

The young sportsmen who are educated in such manner believe that Kung Fu has such a structure and when such cases come up in real life they are tended to violence as they have received an education only for kicks and fists.

Whereas; the factual goal of Kung-fu education is to provide the human to sustain his/her auto-control. In fact it is well known by any people that more patience is required. However, the important point here is about how this characteristic feature is gained. In fact it is very simple. It is gained just as the other characteristic features are gained. That is by working hard. Kung Fu requires continuance; the desired level is gained by continuous work. That means all those talents are gained after a continuous effort. For sure here there is an exception. The physiological structure of the human reveals change depending on the age started to practice Kung Fu. As an example, the flexibility of a 5-year-old child is different form a 15-year-old teenager. This difference has a genetic feature. An example to the genetic feature is; supplying the balance easily or dealing better with pain. In addition to all these, learning all the moves more easily is also a genetic feature. This reveals that talent of perception has developed more.

A person must expect an education which is evaluated by gathering all of these facts. First of all the person must train with the basic techniques of Kung-fu for a certain time. These are moves such as basic balance moves and basic walking moves. It is not important who is training. If the basic techniques are trained for a long time all other moves can be perceived in a short period and may become practicable by that person.

The following phase of the education consists of flexibility and acrobatic moves. Many systems of Kung Fu include acrobatic techniques. Flexibility makes many moves much easy starting from strikes to escapes.

After these phases basic fists, blocks and kicks are started to be trained. There are many phases for training a technique. First of all the technique must be shown by the body and after repeating it for many times, the brain is supplied to obtain the physiological style of the technique. When you take the first glance it may not seem to be that difficult. However this training is supplied by repeating the technique at least 1000 times a day. After this phase; trainings tended to strike the technique more strongly and fast are applied. The use of the technique at different grounds, which we call “practical benefits”, means that the technique, which is being worked on, has been learned. This sequence of phases is applicable for all trained techniques. Many techniques which seem to be easy at first glance but which are in fact hard to apply practically can be learned and used by courtesy of these trainings.

Certainly it is easy to learn some of the techniques. Taking blocks or escaping is more difficult than striking. The human wants to respond an attack instinctively. This instinctive move may not appear in physical. In a speech it may lead you to use defending words at first but then may make you to start accusing the counter party. This is a fact all about human psychology. In fact one of the main goals of Kung Fu is to maintain the human control in his own hands. (This subject will be handled in details at the progressing sections).

In case of an attack, responding by taking a block instead of escaping or striking means that the person’s feelings such as patience, fear are under control. The person is patient, because s/he waits for to right moment to strike.

In the mean time the person does not let the strikes on his body to confuse him. The thought that s/he may loose the fight does not pass from his mind. Because the struggle during the fight is his own challenge

All of these trainings can be applied step by step and also within regular intervals during the day. Here as the development of the person depends on the program, the training program is of great significance.

It takes approximately 2 years to complete all these phases. Just the basic trainings of Kung Fu take between 6 months to one year.

At the end of an approximately two years of training, the student is awarded to take yellow belt. The white belt is awarded after the training of basic techniques. From here the student starts to take education from Kung Fu, which is tended to system learning. In fact it is possible to fight with only the basic techniques. However the principle goal of Kung Fu is not just fighting. The principle goal is to educate the spirit.

In fact everything done is made in order to educate the spirit. Body is just a tool. Principal is always the spirit. The physical training which continue for long times provides freedom to the soul. Fight can only be won by courtesy of the spirit.

Lets assume that you want to learn Kung fu. However, your body is so weak that you can not perform the training and you have a permanent disability. Want can you do then?

What would supply the continuousness of the trainings is neither your strength not your body’s dealing with the pain. These features are just such features which supports you to easily progress in kung-fu or and lets you develop rather that revealing your this kind of features. The most significant characteristic feature which provides the continuousness is the willingness of the student. This wish is at such a high level at those who are being trained in kung-fu, provides them to continue training under very condition. This provides the person to get the pain and tiredness out of his/her mind, get a peaceful mind and focus on where the focus is required. The goal of the purpose is toe make the person know him/herself. Therefore, the physical differences and even disabilities do not become barriers.

Let’s assume that one of your organs is different from the other one. Let’s say that one of your legs is shorter. You are having trouble in walking. You can not move fast as all of your weight is loaded on one of your legs. When you picture this from outside, this may look like a defect. However, this has a plus contribution which other people do not posses. As mot of the body weight is gathered on one leg, the tissues on that leg are more developed. Besides, balance system in the brain is working to provide that person to work on one leg. Balance is a system which requires a separate training no matter which balance system in involved. Such a disability is not a barrier for you to take kung-fu education but also it would give you the possibility to be educated mush better that those whom we may call are 100% healthy. The principle point is that the person gets to know him/he self.

As you also have realized kung-fu education includes an education system which mat be reached after long trainings that are extremely difficult and which also begin to provide benefits at short terms. We may assume this system as a stairs way and the training as awaiting period at each step.

Generally the student starts to question him/herself at the end of this education. When examined through, s/he has developed from all points. S/he is able to provide mental, spiritual and physical control. But there still seems something missing. At the end s/he realizes it; the missing thing is that the kung-fu training has not been completed yet. As it has been mentioned in my previous metaphor, you must climb the stairs with confident steps in the kung-fu training. However, there is such one step which requires the student to work for many years and to benefit the outputs of that training which s/he has taken until then.

This is the Tai Chi-Chuan system. It is origin is from Fareast. The birth of the systems reaches up until the time of empires. Completion of the system has taken many years.

Because the development of tai Chi-Chuan did not maintain at one center, many communities which have been living far away from each other have contributed to its formation at different terms regarding its conception and techniques. They have shared the techniques up until that time whenever they have gathered together. This way they have supplied the continuation of the system and transferred it to next generations.

The biggest factor in the birth of the system is that the people want to be healthy. In ancient times the people wanted to lead a peaceful life, they wanted to maintain away from wars and wanted to live in peace on their own land. They knew that this demand could be only obtained by a healthy and free body, and by a mind, which you will use without being slave to anyone.

With this goal, they started to search for the methods to gain these features. After a certain time they realized that, there is a connection in between being healthy and leading a clean life. Feeding with clean food and drinks, living in a clean environment and the most important of all having clean thoughts. If the human could stop the negative thoughts in her/his mind s/he would reach inner beauty besides, s/he can realize the bad things quickly.

The people who had such thoughts at the end realized the most beautiful thing, the principle source of life around them. That is nature. Many people started to examine the liveliness in nature. They have tried to understand if only the strong and the violent, or those who are clever and fast have survived. During these times many people started to observe the behaviors s of animals. They observed how those living things survived and how they fed themselves. They saw how they protected their bodies and how they survived their being under such difficult natural conditions for human. This investigation and examination has been the source of may kung-fu systems, which are still being trained at our present time, the Siak Lak Hang system being ahead.

Later on, they understood that the liveliness in the nature is not limited with the animals only. The nature was leading a life within itself. It has existed for thousands of years, and who could ever know for how many thousands of years it was going to be a life source for generations.

Those who understood this fact, started to examine the nature as a whole and they realized those nutrition sources, which we may call the building element, which gives life to all living and supply them to continue. That is to say, those principle elements, water, soil and air was realized. In fact they have been there since the beginning. They just did not realize how important they have been for themselves. Soil and water have been the life and feeding source for all living things and the air helped us toe continue our being. Just think for a moment, we may continue to live for a certain time without sleeping or eating but what if we do not get air. You can survive for just a few minutes.

TaiChi-Chuan expresses this. The meaning of life is contained in life itself.

TaiChi-Chuan development has supplied this point by taking this conception as a basis. It consists of many different sections which are very different from each other. In each section the common purpose is to make the body flexible and to supply correct breathing.

Correct berating supplies the correct functioning of the inner organs, the heart being the primary.

By the courtesy of this, the treatment of the diseases are more quick, after a certain time the health problems disappear almost completely.

It is formed up of different sections, because the applied techniques are tended for the functioning of certain inner organs. For example as one section provides the flexibility of the belly, the other section provides your stomach to rest.

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